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Kent Salon Curved Vent Brush KS02


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Kent Salon Curved Vent Brush

Curved head for sensual brushing.

The Kent Salon Curved Vent Brush has a sculpted head with a curved shape that follows the natural contours of the head to keep the moulded pins in contact with the scalp for the ultimate sensual head massage. It’s perfect for grooming, styling, volumising, detangling and scalp massage.

There are 50 moulded, flexible pins with ball ends that are perfect for detangling and scalp massage. Alongside those are 10 rows of natural boar bristles, which clean the hair and give it shine.

Like all Kent Salon brushes, the Curved Vent features their signature ergonomic handle. This is shaped to fit all hands, with 6 chrome fins at the neck to provide grip.

The handle tapers gently to a polished metal point, that’s perfect for picking up and sectioning. The point is made from steel to counter balance the brush head perfectly, and it’s embossed with the Kent Salon logo.



Kent Salon

In order to create premium salon professional brushes and combs, Kent Salon uses the finest materials to ensure a high-quality finish and experience. The ergonomic handles have been crafted to fit every sized hand, from the dainty to the heavy weight. Starting with a slender neck the six elevated chrome finished dimples offer the perfect balance between grip and glide. The handle slowly tapers to a gentle polished point for picking up and sectioning. The metal point has been created from steel to balance the brush weight perfectly and is embossed with the Kent Salon insignia adding to the brush’s exclusivity and unquestionable quality. The bristles in their salon hairbrushes is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. The metal heads of their ceramic brushes are coated with durable, specially developed ceramic coating, resulting in faster blow drying and quicker, more accurate styling. Only the best heat proof nylon makes its way into their brushes and their hand finished hard rubber combs contain seamless teeth to ensure they are gentle on the hair and scalp causing no cuticle damage. Each salon professional comb is made using innovative FLEXINITE technology, which can be used with both heat and chemicals. The material becomes flexible when used with heat or chemicals allowing their combs to effortlessly glide through hair without causing damage. When the combs have cooled down, they go back to their original shape.


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