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System Professional Elastic Force Serum X2E 125ml


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System Professional Elastic Force Serum

Improve hair’s bounce and manageability with System Professional Elastic Force Serum, a finishing treatment that works to improve hair’s strength and resilience.

Lightweight and fast-acting, the spray delivers beneficial ingredients deep into the hair, expertly improving elasticity for enhanced bounce and shape when blow drying. Its smoothing properties leave lengths feeling silky with natural movement. Hair is easier to style and shape, and looks healthy, strong and radiant.

Suitable for all hair types.

Directions for Use:

Shampoo and treat the hair with a conditioner, emulsion or mask. Towel dry the hair and spray directly, section by section from roots to ends. Comb through and rinse for 15 seconds. The product needs no development time. Then style as usual.



System Professional

In 1974, a group of hair-obsessed Wella scientists dedicated themselves to revolutionising hair care as we know it – prioritising results first. Their discovery? Your hair contains a unique profile of lipids that determine its elasticity, fibre health and responsiveness. Thus, System Professional was born – the first coded, modular system of performance care – inspired by science, and tailored to each hair type. After dedicating over 45 years to helping you achieve your hair goals, System Professional has become the secret language of the world’s top hairdressers; the inside track to hair care excellence that began in a beauty lab and turned into a global success story.


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