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Romeo Juliet Monthly Update – August 2022

Table of Contents

Our first month of business! Opening day on Tuesday 2nd of August went about as smoothly as we could have asked for. We had clients in from the get go and Jordan was displaying her usual amazing level of skill! A few Cut & Blow Dries for some of Jordan’s regular clients and even a clipper cut for a new client!

We have been spending a lot of time deciding which products will be sold in Salon and on our website. Stocking the shelves and making them pretty has been a lot of work but seeing them all full makes it worth the time! We will be keeping an eye on everything to make sure there is never an empty shelf or an out of stock item!

We are learning more and more every day with brands such as K18 and GHD visiting us for training and a cuppa! We are quickly getting to grips with running the backend of the Salon and consistently providing excellent services. The K18 treatment is a fan favourite and we are providing it every day!

On Tuesday 16th, we were joined by a new stylist, Sunnie Handren. We were blown away by her undeniable talent when it comes to hair styling. We are very excited to see how she progresses with us and couldn’t be happier with how she is performing so far.

We have plenty of space free for clients in September so we would love for you to give us a call or use the booking portal to come visit us! Tel: 0131 258 0464.