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GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer (Pink Collection)


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GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer (Pink Collection)

In support of ghd’s 2022 breast cancer campaign, £250,000 will be donated between Breast Cancer Now and Irish Cancer Society.

Empowering women and raising awareness on the importance of self-checking regularly, discover the limited-edition GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer in orchid pink.

Designed by ghd’s leading engineers, physicists and styling professionals, the ghd helios provides a salon-worthy blow dry with 30% more shine and 3x more hair alignment. Unique Aeroprecis technology combines four advanced internal aerodynamic elements to deliver a precise and ultra-powerful 120kmh airflow. The highly concentrated airflow is channelled through a precision contoured nozzle to work in combination with ionic technology, to reduce frizz and flyaways.

Ergonomically balanced, lightweight design and a bespoke acoustic system to keep sound levels low make for a comfortable styling experience. Tailor your blow dry to suit your needs with the variable power and temperature controls, then set your style in place with the cool shot. Experience powerful, precise performance and achieve smoother results with our orchid pink hair dryer, 9/10 agree.

Feel empowered with limited edition ghd helios hair dryer, dressed in a vibrant orchid pink coat and boldly adorned with our ‘Take Control Now’ self-check reminder.




In 2001, three hairdressers from Yorkshire put a radical new hair styling product into the hands of women across the globe. With the respect and loyalty of an army of devoted stylists, ghd quickly developed a cult-like status nationwide. A monthly trip to the salon was no longer the only way to have a good hair day - this could be achieved every day. FOR MILLIONS OF WOMEN THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING. "Empower all women to look and feel beautiful so they can fulfil their every ambition." Today, women around the world are more ambitious than ever before. And beauty is more important than it ever has been. Beautiful Ambition is a celebration of the amazing things women can achieve when they look and feel their most beautiful selves. We believe beauty fuels ambition, and ambition is beautiful. We champion beauty, in all that we do, with one very clear purpose in mind: to empower all women so they can fulfil their every ambition. We are daring. We are ambitious. We are ghd.